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Just a quick blog update to let everyone know that I will be AFK from this evening until Monday, probably Tuesday the 20th.

The reason – moving house 🙂 Currently I am dismantling everything (well everything I should be dismantling, I think the landlord would take a dim view of me handing the keys back to his pile of rubble) and one of the things that has to be dismantled is the PC.

This weekend, we’ll be sticking everything we own into the back of two trucks and heading out to the country. Time to say goodbye to the big smoke. I will miss some of the fun stuff about being this close to London – ease of access to shops, clubs, pubs, golf courses ( 😀 ) but I won’t miss where we are at the moment.

Don’t get me wrong, the house itself is nice enough. No storage but nice enough. The main problem is we are on a main road (noise++ and dirt++) just down from the fire and ambulance stations (for each %f in (emergency_services) do noise^2) and next door to the youth drop-in centre (noise++ and scrotes++).

I hope to be able to post some pictures of the new place when we get it in order (and assuming that My God of CSS helps me with some more of my new plugins 😉 ) and hopefully, next week I’ll be able to post my poll as well.

In short, posting will be sporadic until the broadband and everything is set up. In the meantime, I strongly suggest you pop over to wish Merlijn good luck for his 1st Dan exam.

Have a good weekend all 🙂

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  1. Merlijn on March 15th, 2007 5:21 pm

    Good luck with moving buddy, have a good time decorating the house 😉

    What kind of poll plugin do you use btw? I use democracy, which works great but I have yet to style it. We share the same CSS deity luckily 😉

    See you soon!

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