MCP, MCSA, MCSA:Security, MCSE, MCSE:Security, CompTIA Security+

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aka bb goes legit!

Just got back from Atlanta where I have successfully completed all of the above qualifications.

A big shout goes out to Easy E (the O.G.), my brother Ray, ex-SpecOps blokey Dave T and all the other guys and gals I met whilst out there.

Props to ex-Marine Diego who made the rookie error of challenging the Brit to competitive drinking, only to disappear completely before the end of the evening. Now I’m not sure but I think that normally means I win by default.

Apologies to Jenna and Ray for throwing them in the pool. Many thanks to Ernest for taking me shooting and generally looking after me. Including introducing me to Crown Royal and Red Bull. Which meant I would also spend a whole day in class wondering when it would like to stop spinning.

Good luck to Fighter Pilot Doug and mad Dan who were staying on to do more study.

Thanks for the good times. Time to dust off the CV and polish it up with my new sparkly qualifications.


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This post is purely to say how proud I am that Mrs bb and Friend of Minty both did the Nike 10k run in London this last weekend in the stunning time of 1hr 21mins and 27sec – a rate of 8min/km.

Both of them have had interrupted training schedules and Mrs bb was 50:50 to even make the run due to some cold/flu like symptoms she was suffering with a few days before.

But they both struggled through the pouring rain and cold conditions to post a time that was considerably better than they hoped – and that is all one can ask of them.

CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you!!! The Kersh and I are both very, VERY, proud of you both.