FA Cup Final :)

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Despite my many years of maintaining that

a) I must have been really really bad in another life or

b) I was some sort of northern hemipshere experiment to see how much stress and misfortune one individual could support (Big John down under being my southern hemisphere counterpart)

it would appear, after all, that rather than being historically responsible for shooting the last dodo or for starting the black plague, I was in fact some sort of saint. Either that or the experiment has finished and I am being rewarded for not going completely postal.

How do I deduce this? Because my mate Vern T (pool and snooker shark extra-ordinaire) has only wangled me a ticket to go with him to the FA Cup Final, at Wembley, this Saturday 😀 And not only that, it is the inaugural final at our new national stadium. AND it is between my team (Man U) and the most hated team in the league (cheating diving moaning big girl’s blouses – aka Chelsea).

It is a good day today. The level of goodness I must have demonstrated to get karma like this must have been on par with the idiocy needed to become a Barclays relationship manager. I think I was Batman or something.

Geek Test

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I recently had a discussion with my brother-in-law when I told him about my creating this blog.

His reaction was an L to the forehead ‘Loser!’.


I positted that, in fact, he was a bigger loser than I because of the time that he spends painting his little lead dollies and playing Warhammer. Funnily enough, he thinks that is less loser-esque than having a blog that is named after the debugger interrupt call 3h.

So – this is the result :-

Which is more loser-esque?
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edit : changed poll wording as some people were voting for geek == good instead of warhammer==bad 🙂