Beers + Pok3rz != Profit

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Pride comes before a fall and beer comes before a loss. Fuelled by a new sense of self belief, and several beers and a half a bottle of red wine, I jumped online and managed to lose 80% of my bankroll in three tourneys!!

I must learn about bankroll management at some time.

Hopefully I’ll be able to pull some of the loss back today – here goes … 😀

Late Flights and McGuyver

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Last weekend I took the opportunity to pop across to the Netherlands a little early. I had several meetings lined up for Amsterdam and Rotterdam on the Monday and could think of no better excuse to pop over earlier and catch up with some of my good friends.

This is that story.

Unsurprisingly, my flight out was delayed. Not much, only an hour or so, but enough to get me tutting and generally bemoaning how this could always happen to me blah blah blah. Especially since I got up at 06:00 to be on this flight. Then something most unusual happened – something that put my ‘plight’ quite firmly into focus.

Bing Bong. This is a flight announcement for passengers on flight [whatever]. Your flight is now scheduled to leave from [a completely different airport from the one you are listening to this announcement in]. Your new time for departure is 20:00

I stopped tutting and generally being grouchy when I figured out that my delay of one hour meant I could still leave from the same airport! 😮

This left me with some time to kill. Admittedly I didn’t suddenly have a 12 hour, 150 mile window open up like the poor lady opposite me, but nevertheless I still had some spare time to mess around. I thought firing up the laptop and getting a little work out of the way would be helpful.

This was, however, not to be so easy as one might imagine. Finding a power point to fire up the littlest laptop was going to be tough. Bristol International Airport is, despite its name, fairly small. This means very few power points. After 3 tours of the airport I found several options – all of them in use. What to do, what to do you say?

Me – I unplugged a Bob The Builder children’s ride and hid under some stairs to use the interweb which gave me a full hour of surfing before leaving for a weekend of poker in NL.

And if only I can get the photos off my damn phone – I’ll show you the best damn hand in the history of poker 😉