Moving shares between SBS 2003 & SBS 2008

Posted by bb on Tuesday 15th of June 2010 at 10:36 am;.
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Still migrating the data over for my client, I ran into the usual problem of moving data from one drive to another preserving both NTFS ACLs and share details.

The easiest way round this, that I have found, is as follows

Issue the following commands from the command prompt on the destination server to copy all of the NTFS ACLs and data over from the source server to the destination server (in my instance I was copying their data drive, which was D) so my commands looked like this

net use z: \\source_server\d$
robocopy z:\ d:\ /E /COPYALL

However, this does not preserve the share info. Since mine was a fresh install, I just needed a complete copy of the drive and share permissions I just exported the following registry info from source server :


Re-importing that on Destination server had everything up and running in copy_time+2 mins 🙂

Happy days

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  1. bb on June 15th, 2010 10:48 am

    BTW – if you run into problems with files in use you can modify the robocopy command as follows :

    robocopy d:\ z:\ /COPYALL /E /w:waitime /r:#retries

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