$10.01 Bankroll reached!

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The above is my first cash game on Pokerstars and after 99 hands I had turned my $2.83 into $5.01 and that was all I needed to break the $10 barrier in lifetime winnings!

I ran cold as you like on the first 10/20 hands but was far too passive and got sucked out a few times on the river. Took advantage of the fact that I was perceived as loose passive and called down some big hands in the middle section. Unfortunately, halfway through when I hit quads, my image meant that my min bet was seen as a huge show of strength and everyone folded. Damnit! 🙂

So, in two weeks I’ve turned 0$ and a couple of freeroll entries into $10. Let’s hope I can double that up in the next two weeks. To be fair, seeing people on the 0.01/0.02 games, I think you only need to find a couple of aggressive nutters per day to win a couple of bucks. 5 days later you’ve doubled up your $10. I do like the 0.25 SnGs but I think my game is better on the cash tables. Or at least, your opponents are 😉

Next step – off the laptop, onto the main PC for MULTITABLINGZ!



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Whilst not on target for $1000 by the Feb 2010 (I don’t play enough apparently, according to that trend I’ll need to play about 5000 games!!!!) things are still ticking away nicely.

I also figured out if I could find a way to avoid sleeping, eating and bad beats – I could earn nearly enough to live on.

mmmm … 😉