Karma doesn’t exist

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Karma, something I used to hold quite dear to my heart, doesn’t exist.

Whilst, on the face of it, quite a bold statement – today I got my proof. For years I have tried to make amends for a rather ‘naughty’ youth. Upto and including not stealing the 07 VW Fox I saw the other day with the keys hanging out of the boot. Instead I chose to hand the keys in to the Pro shop on site and hoped that key and owner would be re-united in some sort of bizarre cloud of OwnerKey goodness.

So – my payback for this?? Today I lost my car keys and no-one handed them in. I lost them in a retail park after taking a defined route. Backtracking and stopping in every store I passed resulted in nothing 🙁

Thanks Karma. I did a lot wrong when I was younger but I’m trying to make up for it – you’re not helping me here.

Biatch 😛

100 yards left of the sun

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Just a quick update – things have been very busy here at Cassa bb lately and unfortunately one of the casualties has been the blog.

UberServer is up and running – I’m starting to think W2k3 is even unfriendlier than Ubuntu though. I think I have re-installed it more often than not. Bloody VMWare hasn’t helped much by constantly cocking up the snapshots *grumble*.

If you are wondering about the title, that is what my friendly pro said about one of my tee shots on Sunday. Since we were playing up the fairway into the setting sun I lost track of the ball. Apparently it wasn’t the straightest drive ever 😀 I think it may qualify for one of the longest – having travelled 150 x 10^6km! Give or take 100 yards 😀

We’ve finally managed to fuck off Barclays and move to RBS – something that has added at least 10 years to my life as I no longer have to deal with the likes of Maureen Mordi and their mind-bogglingly astronomical levels of incompetence and ineptitude. Not to mention her replacement John who, despite being apparently her senior, has managed to display an equally astonishing level of customer service. If we could package just these two individual’s front-line skills we could have a zero degree kelvin pocket fridge powered just by one tiny gramme of it – such is their ability to slow things down and generate brain freeze 😀

I’m seriously considering going for some MCSE type qualifications in the New Year so if anyone has any hints on which is a good course (I’m looking here atm) it would be much appreciated.

As we gear up to Xmas I’m not sure if I’ll be able to update too regularly but I hope so.

If not – Merry Xmas one and all.