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Posted by bb on Thursday 2nd of August 2007 at 12:07 pm;.
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UberServer is nearly ready to go online. A little behind schedule but still … hey ho.

The main reason for the delay is the morons at NST who failed, quite spectacularly, in every department except the ChargingOfTheCreditCard. Promised delivery for the 19th, come the 26th it still wasn’t here. Getting a call back from Jamie Williams was like getting blood out of a stone.

It’s on its way… The Driver has it on his truck… The Driver is nearly there…
The Driver says there is too much traffic to make the delivery!!!

WTF? The Driver wants to get himself another job if the very presence of traffic deters him from doing his job. Alternatively Jamie, you should learn not to lie to your customers. Else we cancel our orders and then we get the bank to chargeback the credit card payment you took and that costs you extra money. All because you decide that returning customer’s money is not a priority before you fuck off on holiday!


Righty – how is UberServer looking? Hardware wise … pretty damn spanky even if I say so myself!

Here are some piccies of the birth of UberServer


Dual Xeon Motherboard


Cenbro 4U server chassis

The first drive in the array

And so it begins

UberArray now populated

5Tb ... that'll do nicely sir

16Gb of Happy Memory (and a can of Stella!)


WTF do we do with these leads?

uh ... dude?

Man Down! Man Down!

Somebody call a waaaaahmbulance

Job Well Done

That is herbal ... honest

Once we managed (and yes, it took three of us) to haul the 65Kg UPS up onto the worksurface, we fired it up and … SweetMotherOfGod you have never heard a power supply so noisy! Triple redundant is nice but wow … are those little fans working their socks off. Hence the need for a quiet cabinet!

Otherwise all is good 🙂 This afternoon we try to install the OS … Linux … may God have mercy on our souls 🙂

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