Sage ACT! Support – Configuring TAPI

Posted by bb on Tuesday 7th of July 2009 at 3:07 pm;.
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We use Sage ACT! for some of our CRM duties. It’s adequate at best but we muddle through.

Sage support is a real thing of beauty. Installing ACT! for a new user, and for some reason one of the TAPI interfaces is not showing in the dialer. So, enjoying the benefits of actually purchasing the software, I think I will phone Sage Customer Support and ask them if they could help.

No – they can’t. Surprising enough, until you hear the reason they can’t support me.

Apparently because I can open the database, the product is installed. This is as far as the customer support goes. Doesn’t matter that it doesn’t it work as advertised, or even as it should, just installed is good enough for them.

Anything else? Like getting the options to work, ‘I’ll need to pass you on to sales for you to purchase a support contract‘.

Really? When the product installation is less than an hour old, you want to sell me support for a product. No checking to see if it is a simple fix first – just a blanket need to upsell me to purchasing support.

Fucking cunswups.

Amazing how one’s conscience can be cleared by realising how shittily a company supports its paying users. Suddenly less inclined to purchase the product – why bother when you get no support? What possible inclination can there be to purchase software when the support you get from an illegal torrent is possibly better than the original support?

Thanks a lot – saves me money if I find Sage product I actually like – I’ll download the damn thing instead. Way to go Sage! So I have emailed them to tell them that I was publishing this article in response to their support – obviously I will publish their response in due course!

The other thing I loved was their support feedback form. I tried to fill it in to tell them the same thing (thanks for nothing) and I got the error in the image below. If I could find a field to put either of those two required pieces of information, I would – I assure you!

Right - the impossible form!

Right - the impossible form!

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2 Responses to “Sage ACT! Support – Configuring TAPI”

  1. Ken on December 17th, 2009 4:50 pm

    you should try the Axis Diplomat system 10 tims better than sage,

  2. Clifford on January 21st, 2010 8:39 pm

    Ever fix the problem? Did ACT! ever suggest a resolution?

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